my name is shelby and i only care about science girlfriends and grilled cheese

exhausted but cant sleep

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Anonymous was like: Do you take fanfic requests

not at the moment. i mean u can send em, i might get some inspiration, but i have no fanfic writing abilities at this point in time

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Anonymous was like: can you cut a rillo in half before you put the weed in it to save it for later so it doesn't get dry?

i… have no idea. lmao. i don’t know anything about that kinda stuff, sorry homie!

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Orphan Black + Space - requested by narcissamalfoy

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gtkm meme - celebrity crushes

                            - evelyne brochu

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i had to start immediately house sitting for my grandma after camp and i havent slept in my own bed in a week and a half and this bed at my grandma’s is making my hip pain worse than usual and im just wow

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all right friends, i need a movie on netflix that will give me a good cry. any suggestions?

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Anonymous was like: I really wish you could go back to camp you just sound so sad that you're not there & you were really excited before you left & I just want you to be happy like that :/

i wish i could go back too! i’ll be ok though - leaving is always hard like this for a while. one of the other counselors put it like this: “most people get homesick while at camp; i get campsick when i’m at home.”

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Orphan Black Quotes | Cosima Niehaus

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